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Search through our network of top board-certified  plastic surgeons

Search through our network of top board-certified plastic surgeons

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Pre-qualify for financing in a few seconds

Pre-qualify for financing in a few seconds

No social security, no impact on credit.

Get support from our highly trained patient advocates

Get support from our highly trained patient advocates

We will support you through your journey all the way to surgery.

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Low monthly payments, 0% APR

  • Get pre-qualified in seconds
  • No social security needed. Only name and address.
  • Focus on you with peace of mind.
  • Pay over time conveniently through our app.
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All medical needs in one place

  • Schedule in-person consultation
  • Access your medical files and records
  • Find a doctor through our network of award winning providers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything. We are every patient's companion from the start of their dream cosmetic journey through its completion. In this journey, you will have a lot of questions and will need qualified doctors, affordable payment options, support of freinds, and experience of other patients. We offer all of that and more to empower you to achieve your dream.
1. Pick your desired procedure group 2. Get pre-qualified for a low monthly payment plan, to give you peace of mind to not worry about cost and focus on results. Your doctor and your clinic will also know that you are pre-qualified. 3. Browse and choose from one of our top board-certified plastic surgeons. 4. Book a consultation appointment with the doctor who will answer all your questions and guide you for achieving your desired results. 5. Receive an estimated quote from the clinic. 6. Accept the quote and pay the booking fee. 7. Clinic will contact you to book your procedure date(s). 8. Complete your loan application that funds the full procedure directly to the clinic. 9. Complete your procedure. 10. Pay over time for your loan in small monthly payments. All of this can be done from the convenience of your home and with the press of a button from your mobile phone.
No. Pre-qualification does not affect your credit. We use a method called softpull. For most patients, it only requires your name and address and does not need your social security number.
You should be able to communicate your medical history and current medications with your provider. Any further pre-treatment instructions will be provided to you at your consultation. Please remember, preparing both mentally and physically for the procedures is necessary for a successful surgical outcome.
We are building a network of the nation's most talented doctors and will accept patients from everywhere. Our doctors have clinics in all major metropolitan regions including Southern California, Northern California, New York, Florida, Texas, Pacific Northwest, and the US Southeast.