Flat Butt

When it comes to sex appeal, curves matter--the curve of the waist, chest, back, and shoulders, and for many of us, the butt. Male or female, the butt is often a source of envy and desire. There are ideal shapes and specific contours that catch the eye. Everyone has their favorite type, and tastes do vary. But nearly always, the butt should jut backward, curving at a specific angle at the top. It should have a smooth, youthful look, and it should be round and pronounced. Nobody wants it to be flat, shapeless, or saggy. Flat butts are not sexy at all. But not everyone is blessed with the kind of booty they’d like to show off. 

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What is Flat Butt?

People have specific preferences when it comes to the butt. In women, certain types are more pleasing than others. Some prefer female butts that are wider and rounder. In men, the ideal butt shape is slender on the sides. It should be toned, not saggy or flappy, and it should have a level of definition. Most people tend to prefer a butt that protrudes backwards regardless of sex or gender, and in women the curve at the top of the butt is very important. Like many aspects of sexual attraction it has to do with their ability to bear children. 

In studies where men were shown pictures of women's butts, it was found that their eyes were drawn to the way the spine curves at the top. This is even more important than the shape and size of the butt itself. Men were most attracted to butts with a spine that was set at a 45-degree angle from the back to the top of the hips. This means that it will be better capable of withstanding the weight of pregnancy. When that angle is achieved, the hips tend to be larger and protrude backwards farther. That is why big butts are considered more attractive. There are many ways to create this effect, and it's often possible to do so without major procedures or costly treatments. 

Common Types of Butts

There are as many different shapes and sizes of butts as there are humans in this world. But there are certain shared traits and patterns that manifest themselves. They're characterized by the curve, the contour, and the hip’s relation to the waistline. These traits are used to define the buttocks and they’re used to quantify its aesthetic appeal.

  • Circle

    Circular butts are round around the sides of the hips. They also tend to protrude backwards creating a bubble or teardrop. For many, they are the ideal shape. Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez both have circular butts. This shape is particularly desirable when the hips form an upside down heart with the arches of the heart at the base. Ideally there should be a curve on the outer hips and a bit of mass at the bottom of the hips, causing them to fold over slightly. This is what gives the booty that sexy, protruding formation. The key is volume, hence the popularity of surgical procedures that augment the size.

  • Square

    People who have square butts have a perpendicular line running from their hip bone to their thigh bone. The butt itself will form a sideways "H" shape. Square butts are considered more masculine. They are more desirable in men, but they are also very common in women. Square butts can appear flat. They’re less curvaceous, and the base of the hips can sometimes appear droopy. These types of butts are most common in patients with excess fat in their love handles. Out of all of the different butt types, patients with square butts tend to request butt enhancement the most. 

  • V-Shape

    V-shape butts are larger at the top and usually accompanied by a larger waist as well. The base of the hips are smaller and lacking in volume, and the hips tend to droop or sag with loose skin. Sometimes cellulite or the infamous cottage cheese consistency can be a problem. This type of buttocks is most common in older women. It’s due to the redistribution of fat storage after estrogen depletion. It often has an unhealthy appearance. Fortunately, this type of butt can be augmented through the use of various cosmetic procedures, including implants, injections, and fat grafting. It can also be toned and balanced with liposuction depending on the patient’s unique biological characteristics.

What Causes Flat Butts?

The hips are made up of various groups of muscles along with layers of subcutaneous fat resting beneath the skin. How much fat and muscle we have in that region is usually decided by our genetics. But there are a number of other determining factors that can come into play.

  • Sitting For Long Periods of Time

    Sitting is one of the most common reasons why our butts go flat. It restricts blood flow and puts the butt to sleep. This inflames the gluteal muscles causing them to literally forget how to function. This is known as gluteal amnesia or “dead butt.” It can weaken the muscles and flatten the butt over time.

  • Sedentary Lifestyle

    Just like any other type of muscle, the hip muscles need to move around. If they don’t, they’ll diminish in size and the butt will start to flatten. If we want that perfect round shape, we often have to get up and start working for it. Exercise is absolutely essential.

  • Aging

    As we get older, parts of our start to bodies diminish. This is especially the case in the hip area, where bone density weakens, causing all sorts of health risks. That’s why we talk about hip surgery and falls. Fat and muscle also start to disappear, resulting in a loss of volume. When this occurs, our butts begin to take on a V-shape.

Procedures That Remedy Flat Butt

Butt enhancements have taken off in recent years, especially with the rise of the Kardashians and the host of viral influencers showing off their altered derrières. They've turned esoteric procedures, many of which were rarely requested, into cosmetic staples, and it's no secret why. These procedures work, and there are plenty of minimally invasive options.

  • Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

    Brazilian butt lifts--often shortened to "BBL" in characteristic social media fashion--are driving the cosmetics industry, raking in billions every year. They give patients the bubble butt they crave by taking excess fat from one region of the body and injecting it into the hips. It's enormously effective, which is why it's gone viral.

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  • Sculptra Butt Lift

    A lot of patients aren't willing to commit to going under the knife. They prefer a temporary option, which is why the Sculptra Butt Lift is so popular. Sculptra is a poly-L-actic acid filler often used in the facial region. It works with the body to increase collagen production, thereby adding a level of volume to the hips.

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  • Butt Implants

    For many patients, butt implants are considered the best way to improve a flat butt. They’re enormously effective because they involve manually inserting the mass necessary to achieve that perfect shape, and they can be customized to fit each patient’s specific aesthetic goals. They’re also less expensive than fillers like Sculptra because they don’t require touch ups.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of myths surrounding implants. Some people say that they can lead to cancer. Others are convinced that they disappear or get "eaten" by the body. Some doctors believe that they dissolve the bone. But this is all prejudice based on a lack of understanding. Inserting implants isn't as easy as it sounds. It's an art form that requires an advanced knowledge of the human physique and years of practice. Unfortunately, not every doctor knows how to place them properly. When this happens, they can wear away bone and lead to health issues. That's why it's important to find a competent provider.

Some people scoff at the idea of taking fat from one region of the body and grafting it into another. It sounds gross and unhygienic, like a bad experiment. But if you really think about it, that's not the most realistic mindset. We’re talking about a popular procedure that takes place in a medical setting, and the removal of fat can be a huge benefit for patients. Brazilian butt lifts are a combination of both liposuction and fat grafting. When the fat is suctioned out, it's purified. Everything is sanitized and all of the other adulterants such as blood and tissue are removed, leaving behind nothing more than pure, clean fat cells. 

Even the longest-lasting fillers have an expiration date. That date will vary depending on the product and the patient's individual biological characteristics, such as genetics and metabolism. Most practices use Sculptra for butt augmentation. Sculptra is usually absorbed by the tissue within two years of being injected, causing it to be expelled through natural processes. It does stimulate collagen production, strengthening the skin and giving it elasticity, but that effect only lasts for about four years. Patients who receive a Sculptra butt lift will have to undergo touch up sessions every 4 to 5 years to maintain their aesthetic goals.

The hip muscles have a huge impact on the size and shape of the butt. It is possible to grow those muscles with a series of exercises. But there are a lot of reasons why that option might not be viable or realistic. For starters, those are some of the most painful exercises a person can learn, and the pain lasts. It can make daily life difficult. Also, some patients don’t have the time or discipline to maintain that kind of routine. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Don’t be ashamed for a second. This isn’t like doing a few push-ups a day or running on a treadmill. It’s serious work.

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