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Gregory Albert MD

Plastic Surgeon, Cosmetic Surgeon
  • 1990 - 1994 New York Medical College, Valhalla, New York Doctor of Medicine
    1990 - 1994 New York Medical College, Valhalla, New York Doctor of Medicine
  • 20yrs of Experience
    20yrs of Experience
  • Boca Raton
    Boca Raton
  • English

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There’s no question that choosing the right surgeon is one of the most important decisions you’ll make if you are interested in plastic surgery. You are investing in your aesthetics and confidence, and it’s essential to choose a surgeon you can trust. Dr. Gregory Albert has been serving patients for over 20 years, offering reliable results and a range of options – to ensure customized services for everyone who walks through his office doors. His caring personality and skilled surgical techniques help patients feel relaxed and comfortable. You can rest assured knowing you are in good hands when selecting Dr. Albert as your cosmetic plastic surgeon.

Over the years, Dr. Albert has gained a reputation as a premier plastic surgeon. He specializes in plastic surgery for the face, neck, and breasts, and also offers other body treatments to help patients find the confidence and self-esteem that they desire. In addition to breast augmentation and breast lifts for women, he also offers surgical treatments for men and patients who are ready for gender-affirming surgery. Not only does Dr. Albert provide surgical interventions to reverse aging and optimize the shape of the body, but patients can also choose from a variety of med spa services to turn back time and regain a youthful appearance. 


  • 1986 - 1990 University of California, San Diego, California Bachelor of Science in Biology

  • 1990 - 1994 New York Medical College, Valhalla, New York Doctor of Medicine

  • 1994 - 1997 University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont General Surgery Residency

  • 1997-1999 Saint Louis University, St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri Plastic Surgery Residency

Board Certifications

  • 2002 Board Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery

Professional Societies

  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons

  • American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons

  • Broward County Plastic Surgery Association Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons

Featured Procedures by Gregory Albert

Breast Augmentation-thumbnail

Breast Augmentation

A cosmetic surgery to enhance the size and positioning of the breasts, helping to create the feminine curves you’ve always wanted.
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Mommy Makeover-thumbnail

Mommy Makeover

It’s no surprise that a woman’s body changes after pregnancy. A mommy makeover includes multiple, customized cosmetic treatments to tighten and reshape the body.
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Gregory Albert’s Journey

After graduating from medical school, Dr. Albert continued his education with an additional three years of training in general surgery residency before moving on to an additional 2 years of plastic surgery residency. In 2002, Dr. Albert gained board certification through The American Board of Plastic Surgery. He holds professional licenses in multiple states and offers a range of services, giving patients the benefit of a customized treatment plan based on their unique goals and desires. Dr. Albert offers everything from minimally-invasive Med Spa services, such as injectables and laser treatments, to full mommy makeovers and more.

Gregory Albert, MD is proud to have a private practice where he offers these services to patients of all ages and backgrounds. His writings and research have been printed in multiple journals and publications, and he has received honors and awards such as the Bernard Barney Plastic Surgery Resident of the Year and more. Dr. Albert is associated with multiple professional society memberships, including the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Broward County Medical Association, the Palm Beach County Society of Plastic Surgeons, and more. He is also proud to be the Official Plastic Surgeon of the Florida Panthers Hockey Team.

Gregory Albert’s Journey -photo, yesdoctor

Frequently asked questions

Dr. Gregory Albert’s medical office is located at 3010 N. Military Trail, Suite 200, Boca Raton, FL 33431, and includes an on-site surgical center with out-patient surgery suites.
Not only does Dr. Albert have over 20 years of experience performing cosmetic surgery, but he has a strong reputation as one of the most trusted providers in the area.
Yes, Dr. Albert is Board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. After medical school and years of residency training, Dr. Albert completed his board certification in 2002.
Yes, certain appointments can be made virtually. It is best to call to see if your particular concern can be addressed through a virtual consultation.
Dr. Albert provides a broad range of treatments, such as Breast Augmentation, Facelift, Eyelid lift, Neck lift, Brow lift, Total body rejuvenation, BOTOX® Cosmetic, Laser skin resurfacing, and many other procedures.

Other procedures by Gregory Albert



Have you always been self-conscious about the shape and appearance of your nose? A rhinoplasty is a fast and effective way to create the nose you’ve always wanted.
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Brow Lift

Tightening the skin on the forehead not only smooths the signs of wrinkles and fine lines, but it also lifts the eyebrows to create a youthful appearance.
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Arm Lift-thumbnail

Arm Lift

This surgery is most common after significant weight loss. The treatment removes excess fat and skin so the arms look more toned and shaped.
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Remove unwanted fat from target areas on the body, helping to reshape those stubborn pockets that aren’t going away with diet and exercise.
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