Fat reduction isn’t easy. It requires time, patience, and determination. To see drastic results, patients have to spend hours every day, working harder than they’ve ever worked before, sweating, grunting, tearing themselves apart just to lose a few inches. Some areas require more effort than others. The fat there is a stubborn, almost impossible to remove. Then there are areas that don’t respond to exercise and dieting at all. It’s not always about accountability. Nobody can be blamed for foregoing this process, and doing so doesn’t mean that we can’t lose those last few inches. Ultrashape was designed to allow patients to lose that weight without breaking a sweat.

Yes Doctor’s Plastic Surgery Procedure UltraShape

What is UltraShape?

Ultrashape is a non-invasive, cosmetic fat removal machine FDA-approved to remove fat cells in the abdominal area. It also works on the thighs, buttocks, and lovehandles, though these are off-label uses. It’s much more convenient than other types of fat removal because it doesn’t involve breaking the skin or sticking a foreign object inside the body. Fat is not removed by hand or through the use of a suction device. There are no knives or no needles, and there’s no general anesthesia. Patients can undergo treatment sessions fully conscious with nothing more than a numbing cream and an oral sedative. This significantly cuts down on the risk of complications. It also reduces recovery times, and it means that patients won’t have to withstand large amounts of pain or discomfort. It could be considered a high-tech advancement and an improvement on older methods, such as tummy tucks and liposuction. But it’s also quite a bit less painful than similar devices, including Liposonix. The mechanisms behind Ultrashape are relatively new. The device wasn’t approved until 2014. It’s unique when compared to other devices which rely on ultrasound because it doesn’t heat fat cells. This means there’s no chance of burning or affecting the surrounding tissue. It leaves blood vessels and nerve endings intact, focusing instead on the fat beneath the skin. 

The process to undergo Ultrashape begins with an intiai consultation, during which the patient will be assessed for candidacy. Their individual biological characteristics and personal aesthetic goals will be used to develop a tailor-suited treatment plan, designed to help them make the most out of their therapy. If they qualify, they will be given a list of preparatory instructions to follow, and the session will be scheduled for a later date. On the day of their next appointment, they will be given medication such as a benzodiazepine or an opioid to help calm their nerves and reduce any pain or discomfort that may occur. A map will be drawn over the target site, which will be uploaded to a computer to help guide the provider during the process. The patient will be given a belt to wear. Gel will be applied, and a handpiece will be brushed against the skin in a strategic pattern. This handpiece delivers pulsed ultrasound waves, which can be altered to target specific elevations and termpatures beneath the skin. This creates pressure cavities in the subcutaneous fat cells, which reside beneath the middle dermal layer. It ruptures the cell membranes, essentially causing them to die off. They are then disposed of through the body’s natural processes.

Why UltraShape Treatment?

The world thinks it’s our fault. If we have a big butt, bulging thighs, or lovehandles, then it’s because we’re lazy. We eat too much. We spend too much time on the couch when we should be exercising. That’s why people stare and laugh. We notice that treatment, and it hurts. It makes us doubt ourselves. There’s desperation, heartbreak, and feelings of loneliness, all balled up inside of us. It can be overwhelming. But their mindset isn’t based on facts. The world is wrong. It is true that the body’s fat content and our activity level correlate, but there’s so many more factors that go into that equation–things like metabolism, genes, and hormones; and there are some parts of the body that can’t be toned. They just collect more and more weight, drawing the attention of others. It’s not fair. All of the stress and angst behind this issue is harmful to the body. It demotivates us. It increases our risk of getting sick. That is why cosmetic procedures exist in the first place. The mind and body are connected, and looks matter. Patients choose Ultrashape because it relieves real world problems that many of us face. Here are a few more reasons why they choose to undergo the procedure:

  • Tone Thighs
  • Get Rid of Lovehandles
  • Achieve the Perfect Abdomen
  • Restore a Balanced Aesthetic
  • Remove Awkward Fat Pockets

What are Concerns for UltraShape?

Ultrashape isn’t for everyone. Some medications and medical conditions may make it impossible to undergo treatment safely. Patients should take their time to understand the qualifications for treatment, and they should consult with their provider to ensure that no mistakes are made. In order to do so, they will have to provide their doctor with a complete medical history and a list of any medications they may be taking, including OTC pills, supplements, and illicit substances. It’s also important to try to identify the risks of undergoing Ultrashape treatment. The device is safe, but accidents may occur, and side effects can spring up. In order to understand this problem, patients should spend a significant amount of time online researching the procedure. Use multiple sources. Know that some providers prefer to avoid talking about the risks online. Their websites will tout the benefits of Ultrashape, but they might not get into the potential complications. They may even misrepresent the facts. Avoid websites aimed at making a sale. Also know that many studies are biased. Companies will pay researchers to skew results. Take everything they say with a grain of salt. Below you will find a list of general concerns that patients may want to look into. Use it as a jumping off point, not your sole source of information.

  • Candidacy

    Pre-existing conditions that may prohibit treatment include but are not limited to liver diseases, diseases that affect the immune system, healing disorders, disorders that cause bleeding, chronic keloids, blood disorders, and metabolic disorders. Patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding should speak to their provider before receiving treatment. The ideal candidate is close to their ideal weight. They should have a BMI under 30, and they should have at least an inch of pinchable fat beneath the skin in the target region. They should also have reasonable expectations, and they should be capable of emotionally withstanding dissatisfactory results. Anyone with serious anxiety about their body shape should speak to a mental health provider before undergoing treatment.
  • Pre-operative Care

    Patients may be asked to abstain from certain medications, supplements, or illicit substances before their treatment session. Be sure to consult with the provider on this matter. This could prevent serious complications and side effects. Regular use of topical retinoids and both oral and topical vitamin C can help improve the effects of the procedure. Providers will be able to assist patients in developing a skincare regimen. Hydration is also important. Be sure to drink water regularly during the time leading up to your session. On the day of treatment, wear loose clothing and remove all metal items including piercings as these may clash with the device.
  • Post-operative Care and Recovery

    The complication rate for Ultrashape is almost non-existent because it’s capable of precision targeting without damaging local tissue, blood vessels, skin, or nerve endings. But since it does enter the body, patients can expect a brief period of swelling, usually lasting no more than 24 hours. There will also be some bruising and redness, and in rare cases, blisters may occur. Patients can usually resume normal activities immediately. They should begin drinking water on a frequent basis to help the body eliminate the fat cells. They should also avoid drinking alcohol for 72 hours. Results will take time to appear, so be patient. The device is effective.

Steps to getting your procedure


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Matching with a doctor

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Getting financing

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Booking a consultation

Why Yes Doctor for UltraShape

The results of any cosmetic procedure, including Ultrashape, largely depend on the skills of the person performing them. Patients have to be sure that they find the right person for the job if they want to walk away satisfied with the finished product. Research is just as important. It can mean the difference between life-altering complications and the perfect aesthetic. Yes Doctor was built to provide patients with everything they need to make an informed decision about their care. We have detailed procedure pages and the low-down on doctors in your area. We also have easy financing options that make cosmetic surgery truly accessible. Applying now won’t impact your credit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

During their initial consultation, patients will often speak with their provider about their eating habits and their exercise routines. Most providers want to be sure that patients are capable of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, because that will determine how long the results of Ultrashape last. Some providers prefer to tell their patients that the effects are permanent. They will say that fat cells never grow back once they are removed, and technically, that is true. But it is still possible to gain weight. The surrounding cells will simply expand and absorb more fat. It might even be possible for cells to regenerate. Research on that is ongoing. What we know for certain is that in order to maintain their new physique, patients have to take precautions.
One of the reasons why patients put off fat removal treatment is because a lot of traditional procedures leave behind sagging flaps of skin. Removing that skin requires even more surgery, and those types of operations come with a risk. Certain types of ultrasound devices, including Ultherapy and Liposonix tighten the skin by causing the body to replenish the necessary nutrients. Ultrashape unfortunately does not have the same effect. For that reason providers often combine it with treatments like Ultherapy or Venus Legacy. They can be quite effective when it comes to tightening. This might even be better than using Liposonix, which performs both functions but with a lower satisfaction rate.
When Coolsculpting was first approved by the FDA, there was a lot of excitement. The device was developed after researchers studied the effects of frostbite on fat cells. They found that human fat could be cooled and destroyed without hurting the surrounding area. People loved it because it was simple and completely non-invasive. But shortly after that there were viral media reports showing celebrities with giant lumps the size of the handpiece. They had a complication called paradoxical fat hyperplasia, which was covered up during the initial research process. It’s still being downplayed by providers. Finding accurate information is difficult. It’s supposedly harmless, but it’s hard to remove. Ultrashape doesn’t cause this problem, and it’s 20% more effective.
After subcutaneous fat cells are ruptured, the body treats them just like normal digestible fat. They travel through the lymphatic system to the liver, which expels them through the digestive system. This does take time, and it is very common for people to get impatient. They may even start to worry that they were conned into receiving an ineffective procedure. But Ultrashape is unique in that it doesn’t take the requisite 3-6 months to show results like many of its competitors. Patients will begin to notice a difference within 2 weeks of their first session, and it’s not uncommon for them to receive 2-3 sessions a week apart, so the process will be ongoing.