Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancement or lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure to add volume to otherwise thin lips and make them look youthful, fuller, and plumper. Lip enhancement procedure has become one of the most sought-after procedure for people with naturally thin lips or lips thinning out due to age. The ideal shape or size of the lips should be in proportion to the size of the patient’s nose, teeth, and facial features. Injectable dermal fillers are the most commonly used method for lip enhancement. A few other ways of lip enhancement are fat transfer injections, lip implants, vermillion advancement surgery, and lip lift surgery.

Lip Enhancement

What is a Lip Enhancement?

Thin lips—a common complaint heard by dermatologists and cosmetologists across the globe. Whether naturally thin, sun-damaged, or thinned out due to age, thin lips make one look older than their age. Those people who are unsatisfied with their thin lips, overdraw them beyond the normal lipline, and want bee-stung or cupid's bow lips should consider lip augmentation. Because lip enhancement/lip augmentation surgeries can address several aesthetic lip concerns by redefining irregular, flat, or asymmetrical lips.

Lip-focused makeup products and lip-lining techniques only temporarily create an aggrandized look and size of your lips. However, skilled and highly experienced cosmetic and plastic surgeons in Yes Doctor’s list of board-certified surgeons can provide a long-lasting solution to your lip-related problems with several permanent or semi-permanent techniques. 

The most common options for lip enhancement procedures include the following:

  • Injectable dermal fillers

  • Lip implants (permanent and difficult to remove once placed)

  • Vermillion advancement surgery

  • Lip lift surgery

  • Fat transfer injections

Generally, temporary options are preferred because they are modifiable as per the patient's desired level of fullness. Among these options, injectable dermal fillers are the most popular. These fillers are sold under different brand names, but all have one thing in common—hyaluronic acid (HA). Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies, that's why there is a reduced risk of adverse reaction to these injections. 

It is usually based on the patient's objectives, lip shape, and size when deciding which method to use. For instance, if permanent results are desired, lip augmentation or a lip lift may be the most appropriate option. Still, implants may not be suitable for very thin or uneven lips. This is why a lip enhancement procedure is highly individualized. The most suitable procedure for your unique conditions can be determined after consulting an experienced plastic surgeon.

Using any technique, a lip enhancement produces a prompt effect, making the lips fuller and puffier. It also gives them a more precise look and improved contour. In addition to improving the appearance, it may help balance out the entire facial symmetry.

Lip augmentation is a procedure that is typically performed in a medical office and takes a short time to complete. 

Dermal filler lip enhancement procedure

Lip enhancement using dermal fillers is a popular cosmetic procedure that involves injecting a filler substance into the lips to add volume, shape, and definition. The procedure typically takes 30 minutes to complete and is usually done on an outpatient basis. the 

  1. The surgeon will clean and numb the area around the lips with a local anesthetic cream or injections to minimize discomfort.

  2. Once the area is numb, the surgeon will use a fine needle to inject the filler substance into the lips. The substance used is typically hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar found in the body and used as a soft tissue filler.

  3. Depending on the desired outcome, the surgeon will use different techniques to inject the filler, such as the "overfilling" technique to create a natural-looking volume or the "feathering" technique to improve the shape and definition of the lips.

  4. The procedure is usually completed in 30 minutes, and aftercare instructions will be given, such as avoiding excessive sun exposure, strenuous activities, and alcohol consumption.

  5. The procedure results are immediate and can last anywhere from 6 to 12 months, depending on the type of filler used and the individual's metabolism.

Liposuction-based lip enhancement procedure

Lip enhancement using liposuction is a procedure in which a small amount of fat is removed from another part of the body, such as the abdomen or thighs, and then injected into the lips to increase their volume.

The steps for this procedure typically include the following:

  1. Anesthesia: The patient is given either local anesthesia or sedation.

  2. Liposuction: The surgeon uses a small cannula to remove fat from the designated area of the body.

  3. Purifying the fat: The fat is then purified by washing it and removing any blood or other impurities.

  4. Injecting the fat: The purified fat is injected into the lips using a fine needle.

  5. Recovery: The patient will be given instructions on how to care for themselves post-surgery and monitored for any complications. Holding on tight to postprocedural care is vital in immediate recovery and giving the ideal results. 

Types of Lip Enhancements

  • Which Lip Enhancement is Right for You?

    Once you decide on the lip enhancement procedure, you should look for the best lip-enhancing method. No two patients are the same, so no two treatments would be!  

    Lip augmentation covers various cosmetic and surgical procedures that give perfect aesthetic proportions and add volume to the lips. Trying to figure out which lip-enhancement method is the best for your desired goals is somewhat shaky.  

    Whether you are looking for a less invasive or permanent surgical procedure, qualified doctors in Yes Doctor’s list of board-certified plastic surgeons will help you find the lip enhancement procedure that fits your needs. 

    If you want a safe and reliable lip filler, either of these two will be a great choice; Juvéderm & Restylane. However, a few key differences may help determine which one will be the right one for you.

    This article will help you determine which lip filler is suitable for you depending on the current condition of your lips and the results you desire to achieve. Read on to know which filler works best for your specific lip concern.

  • Juvederm

    JUVÉDERM® is a hyaluronic acid-based family of fillers, including various products. All products of the Juvéderm family address facial aging signs.

    JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC and JUVÉDERM® VOLBELLA® XC are injectable gels used to inject inside lips for lip augmentation and treating perioral lines in adults over the age of 21. JUVÉDERM® is a long-lasting, reliable, non-surgical aesthetic treatment product that delivers volume to lips and skin with no downtime. It also contains pain-relieving Lidocaine that helps minimize pain and discomfort during the treatment. 

    Patients with a history of multiple severe allergies or allergic reactions should not use JUVÉDERM®.

  • Restylane

    Restylane® is a well-known collection of fillers that are used to tackle the signs of facial aging, such as wrinkles, thinning of lips, and facial creases. Restylane® Silk and Restylane® Kysse are employed for lip enhancement. Restylane® Silk is specifically intended for augmenting lips and smoothing out wrinkles around the mouth in people over 21 years of age. Restylane® Kysse is designed to provide flexible movement and a natural-looking volume of lips that lasts up to twelve months. It is also employed to improve the texture and color of the lips while retaining natural expressions.

  • Lumifil

    LUMIFIL is a type of dermal filler that supplies hydration and helps to renew the countenance, providing a sustained, realistic-looking volume, supported by the science of three-dimensional cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid. This filler comprises of three varieties, including the Lumifil-Kiss, a great choice for increasing the size of lips and for treating spots where a more substantial, high viscosity solution is wanted. It is one of the most concentrated HA fillers available and has been designed to have uniform particle size, resulting in easier insertion and forming, thus enhancing the outcomes of the treatment. Lumifil provides lasting volume and remains close to the injection area for a longer period.

  • Belotero

    Belotero® is an innovative aesthetic treatment featuring a family of injectable cosmetic fillers formulated with hyaluronic acid (HA). Belotero® Lips lets you enjoy youth and beauty with voluptuous and plump lips. What makes it stand out from other lip fillers is a distinctive technique that integrates dual-action products—Belotero® Lips Shape and Belotero® Lips Contour— to give you the flawlessly shaped lips you've always wished for. Both these members of the Belotero® family complement each other. Belotero® Lips Shape subtly adds volume while Belotero® Lips Contour adds definition to its outline and curves. They deliver outstanding and long-lasting results.

Why Lip Enhancement?

Lip enhancement procedures are getting popular day by day due to many more reasons than just looking sexually appealing; fantastic results, ease of the procedure, very little to no downtime, boosted self-esteem and psychological well-being of patients, safety, and youthful look are a few benefits lip fillers offer.

We all have a naturally occurring substance called hyaluronic acid (HA) in our bodies. Production of HA decreases as we age, resulting in thin lips, decreased skin elasticity, wrinkles, acne, and scars. Lip enhancement via dermal fillers can help fix these problems. 

A qualified plastic or cosmetic surgeon injects these fillers around the lip perimeter and sometimes directly into the lip tissue. The effect of the fillers becomes evident very quickly and lasts for a longer run. Lip enhancement procedures are repeated at regular intervals to maintain the results.

No specific age group is regarded as the ideal candidate for lip fillers. From young girls aggrandizing their lip volume to old ladies wanting to regain their youth, everyone is a suitable candidate. 

Summed up below are the reasons to undergo a lip augmentation procedure: 

  • Lip Volume
  • Stimulates Collagen
  • Quick and non-surgical procedure
  • Long lasting plumpness
  • Asymmetrical lips

What Conditions Are a Lip Enhancement a Solution to?

Your face is the map of your soul. Lips can either unerringly enhance our overall appearance or worsen it. In this article, we will discuss the most common lip problems that lip enhancement procedures are a solution to. Most lip problems are related to aging, genetic factors, and lifestyle choices. Few people have naturally thin lips, while others have them due to aging. Whatever the reason, lip fillers offer a precise solution to a wide range of lip-related concerns. The most common concern addressed by lip fillers is 'lack of volume.' people from both genders and all age groups complain of it, and HA-based lip fillers offer a quick but temporary solution that lasts up to 1 year. Sun exposure and drinking with a straw contribute to vertical lines and wrinkles on your lips that are notoriously difficult to conceal. Lip fillers address that problem and can easily take 10 years off your face. Lack of definition and discoloration are also commonly reported problems to which lip enhancement is a solution

  • Lip asymmetry

    Many people have asymmetrical lips that are disproportionate in size; the left is shorter than the right side and vice-versa, or there is a lack of balance in the upper and lower lip. Lip fillers can help correct facial asymmetry for a more balanced appearance.
  • Fine lines

    Fine lines are the set of vertical lines and wrinkles on adult lips. They are usually caused by sun exposure and aging. Other contributing factors are exposure to different food elements and alcohol/caffeine consumption. These lines are not only aesthetically unpleasing but also painful. Lip fillers can help combat these chapped lines and give a silky-smooth texture to lips.
  • Loss of volume

    As we age, our lips get thinner resulting in a loss of volume. Lip fillers add volume to the lips and restore them to the previous size. Moreover, increased lip volume gives a youthful appearance, a sense of rejuvenation, and a boost in self-esteem. Results last for a year but visiting the doctor every 4-6 months and refilling a small amount of filler to improve lines and define borders helps maintain the results.

Steps to getting your procedure

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Why Yes Doctor for This Procedure

Yes Doctor offers payment plans that allow patients to pay for their treatment over time rather than all at once. It makes the cost of treatment more manageable for patients. By improving the patient financing and payment experience, providers get increased satisfaction and offer immediate care. Our application procedure is simple and secure.

By using our BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) policy, clients can get access to services now but pay later in a series of interest-free installments. Interest as low as 0% makes the process pocket-friendly right when you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lip fillers are not designed to stay forever. Typically, the lip fillers last for 12 to 18 months, but the longevity of results mainly depends on the age and the rate of metabolism. Since young people tend to break down calories faster, their fillers also last less long. however, you can do a few things to retain your results for a longer run: Do not smoke Keep up with a healthy diet Go for regular follow-up Schedule a skincare routine and stay hydrated Don't consume alcohol, and do not work out for 48 hours after the procedure
The answer is NO! The most common misconception about Botox® is that it is a filler. Keeping these two treatments side by side will help you understand the contrasts and similitudes between the two. Botox® is not a filler because it doesn't add any filler to the skin. Botox is a long-lasting treatment used to freeze wrinkles and fine lines by reducing the nerve signals given out by muscles in the targeted areas. On the other hand, lip fillers are temporary and fill the lip tissues with Hyaluronic acid gel to mimic the natural lip tissues and to restore the lost volume or redefine the shape.
No, they are not. Lip fillers are becoming an increasingly popular method of volumizing lips but heading on to the procedure is somewhat intimidating because many people wonder if the procedure hurts. On the real side, the lip fillers are generally pain-free because the doctor applies a topical numbing agent on the lips before the treatment to stop the stinging sensation. However, after the numbing effect fades away, people experience minor discomfort, so rubbing icepacks can ease that out. But everyone's experience is different, so it is essential to talk to your doctor about what to expect.
The lip fillers affect kissing positively, as lips tend to feel more natural and softer after lip fillers. Patients will still be able to relish the sensations of kissing, and it won't be any different than before. Your mate will also not notice the difference either. It would be best not to kiss immediately after your procedure since it will cause you much discomfort. Let the swelling subside, and wait for at least 24 hours to enjoy post-treatment kissing. To maintain a perfectly kissable pout, apply ice to the treated area and avoid spicy, salty, or processed food immediately after the treatment.