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SmartLipo is a brand name for laser-assisted liposuction (LAL), which uses thermal energy to liquefy fat cells, making them easier to remove. The procedure can be used anywhere on the body where small, stubborn pockets of fat spring up, especially those that are resistant to diet and exercise. This could be the chin, neck, upper arms, thighs, abdomen, or buttocks. It's quite versatile. Patients find it to be a convenient, minimally invasive alternative to traditional liposuction surgery because the lasers are capable of melting fat without damaging the tissue around the target site. It's also known for having very little downtime and less risk of complications.

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What is Smart Lipo?

Smart Lipo is a brand name for a type of laser-assisted liposuction (LAL), which utilizes the Smart Lipo Triplex device, the third model in Cynosure's line of products. It was created in 2010. The procedure is generally performed using a local anesthetic, allowing patients to stay awake while they are being treated, though some providers do use general anesthesia. A small incision is created near the target site, through which a cannula attached to a laser fiber is inserted into the fat layers. The Smart Lipo Triplex uses three different laser wavelengths: 1440 nm, 1064 nm, and 1320 nm. Each wavelength has its own specific job. The 1440 and 1064 apply heat to the fat cells, breaking down the membranes that protect them and effectively liquefying them. This makes it easier for them to be removed through suction. The 1320 applies heat to the surrounding tissue, creating a coagulating effect that encourages the growth of collagen and elastin. This smooths the skin, erasing the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and sometimes cellulite, while giving the skin a level of elasticity to keep it from sagging. There are many reasons why Smart Lipo is considered to be a desirable alternative when compared to other types of laser-assisted liposuction.  

The Smart Lipo Triplex is the only laser-assisted liposuction device that uses wavelengths capable of tightening the skin and increasing elasticity. This is extremely important for many patients, who often experience loose skin and sagging as a natural result of weight loss procedures. For many, it's the best way to go. Smart Lipo is also known to cut down on some of the complications and risks associated with laser-assisted liposuction. The heat produced by lasers can be difficult to isolate. Sometimes it can cause burning, scar tissue, and bruising. This can be painful, and it reverses some of the beneficial effects of the procedure, which is why Smart Lipo Triplex makes use of the SmartSense delivery system. It comes equipped with an advanced microchip known as the Accelerometer, which helps to limit the power of the lasers, allowing for more precise movements. The device also comes equipped with a temperature-sensing cannula known as ThermaGuide. It can help providers monitor how much heat is being applied to the tissue to avoid burns. If the sensor detects dangerous heat levels it will power the device down until it is applied to cooler tissue. Burning is one of the main complications caused by laser-assisted liposuction, so ThermaGuide is definitely a must for any provider. 

Why Smart Lipo?

Smart Lipo is perfect for anyone with stubborn pockets and pouches of fat. Certain areas--such as the double chin, the upper arms, flanks, love handles, and thighs--do not usually respond to traditional methods of weight loss, and those that do require strenuous and consistent exercise and dieting. More often than not, that cannot be maintained. What little progress patients are able to make disappears quickly. Smart Lipo is quite effective in removing fat in these regions. Smart Lipo is also preferred over traditional liposuction for many reasons. It is better at targeting small areas that are difficult to reach. It's known for having a low recovery time because the process of liquefying fat cells is gentler than methods like tumescent liposuction, which doesn't break the cells down as easily. There's also less manipulation involved and therefore less buildup of scar tissue and damage. There's less scarring in general. Liposuction requires a 5 mm incision, while the incision for Smart Lipo is only 1 mm. That's more like a small mark than an actual scar. Smart Lipo also stands out from its competitors because of its smart delivery and heat-sensing capabilities. Any device that does not make use of those features comes with greater risk. Below is a list of several other benefits offered by the procedure:

  • Typically does not require general anesthesia
  • Short recovery time
  • Less drastic than the alternatives
  • Less damaging than the alternatives
  • Effective

What are Concerns for Smart Lipo?

Smart Lipo is minimally invasive. It does not require scalpels or large incisions, and large devices are not inserted beneath the skin. But it still comes with its risks, and it's not for everyone. Before receiving the procedure, patients should do their research, learn what it entails, and try to determine whether or not they are an ideal candidate. They should also try to research various providers and find someone experienced who they can trust. Not all surgeons are made equal. Some providers offer Smart Lipo even if they're not experienced in performing it. Others might not be willing to sit down and communicate effectively. This should be avoided at all costs. All patients should undergo a strict process of interviews and consultations, built to design an individual treatment plan based on their needs and their unique biology. Without that, patients may not achieve the desired results of their treatment. Smart Lipo is a major step, one that has to be treated with caution and care. The results of the procedure are permanent or long-lasting. Patients will likely be living with them for the rest of their lives, so they need to be absolutely certain that the procedure is right for them before they take action.

  • Determining Candidacy

    The ideal candidate for Smart Lipo is typically close to their ideal body weight. The procedure is not for large-scale weight loss. Instead, it is used for stubborn portions of fat in smaller regions of the body. Candidates should also be non-smokers in good health. Nicotine is usually avoided due to its blood-thinning properties, which could result in bleeding or bruising. The best way to determine if a patient is a good candidate is to sit down with a highly experienced, trained professional who understands the procedure and its risks. A good doctor will go over all of the factors involved and help patients make the right decision.
  • Before the Procedure

    Before receiving Smart Lipo, patients will be given a list of instructions to follow. These are very important, and they may start several weeks before the operation. It is best to prepare. Patients should provide their doctor with a full list of medications, including supplements and vitamins. They should refrain from taking things like aspirin and ibuprofen as well as St. John's wort. They have effects which may cause complications after the procedure is performed. Patients may be asked to drink 1-2 quarts of water per day one week before treatment, and they should abstain from drinking alcoholic beverages. They should also arrange transportation home.
  • After the Procedure

    Patients should be cautious in following all aftercare instructions to avoid the instance of complications or serious health issues. Smart Lipo has a short recovery time, usually less than a few days. But patients should plan for a leave of absence from work. They will usually be asked to wear a compression garment for roughly two weeks, and they should avoid baths, hot tubs, and open water for one month to prevent infection. Patients should be aware of any risks involved in the procedure, including but not limited to bruising, infection, scarring, and hematoma. In rare cases, patients may experience burns, necrosis, abnormal discoloration, shock, or nerve damage.

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Why Yes Doctor for Smart Lipo

The importance of finding the right provider cannot be understated. It can mean the difference between botched results and a rejuvenated physique. It can help avoid complications, ease recovery, and ensure long-lasting results. It's not just about finding someone with experience. Patients need someone who fits their style, who is willing to work with them, communicate, and help them achieve their goals. The relationship should be seamless and cohesive. That's one of the reasons why we built Yes Doctor. The network provides patients with everything they need to find the right fit. It also offers a simple financing process meant to make cosmetic procedures accessible to everyone. Patients can apply without affecting their credit score, and many already qualify for 0% APR. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Lipo is considered to be a safe procedure, and it is effective. But like anything else, it does come with its complications and risks. It can result in burns and tissue damage. These can mostly be avoided by working with a skilled, experienced professional. Seromas can be avoided by wearing compression garments as prescribed. Infection can be avoided by avoiding bathtubs, hot tubs, and standing water. There is also a risk of bleeding. This can be avoided by giving providers a full list of medications and avoiding nicotine, alcohol, as well as certain over-the-counter medications, such as ibuprofen and aspirin.
For many reasons, providers prefer to remove fat with Smart Lipo instead of liposuction. Smart Lipo does not require the use of general anesthesia, which cuts down on the cost and significantly reduces the chance of complications. It also does not require large incisions or stitches, which can help reduce the risk of bleeding and infection. The mechanism of melting the fat tends to cause more damage than liposuction, which usually employs fluid to make the fat cells easier to remove. Smart Lipo is more precise, which means it doesn't affect the surrounding tissue as much as liposuction. But liposuction is more effective in treating large areas, making it the preferred choice in those cases.
There is a common belief that cosmetic forms of fat removal are used for weight loss. That couldn't be further from the truth. Nearly all surgical forms of fat removal, including Smart Lipo, are performed on patients who are close to their ideal weight, and large-scale fat removal isn't the goal. Providers prefer to sculpt the body rather than suction out all of the fat they can find. Fat loss doesn't necessarily achieve the desired results, and too much loss can leave patients with sagging skin. Smart Lipo does involve fat removal, but the amount of fat loss is negligible, close to a few ounces at most.
Every adult has a specific fat cell count, and for the most part, that count stays the same for life. When weight is gained or lost, those cells expand or decrease in size. They don't multiply. Smart Lipo removes fat cells, reducing the amount found in the body. That fat will never come back, and that is a permanent change. In that way, the results of Smart Lipo last for a lifetime. But patients will still need to eat right and exercise if they want the results to remain apparent. The old cells can still absorb fat and grow larger. So it's important to make healthy choices.